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Three of the Best Crime Deterrent Products Available

Minnesota experiences just under 140,000 crimes each year on average, and with almost 90% of that amount relating to property offences, it’s never been more of a priority to protect your home. No matter your budget and regardless of your previous experience, here are a few of the best products to help with deterring crime – many of which are endorsed by local authorities.

Surveillance systems

If there’s one sure-fire way to make a potential criminal think twice, it’s the sight of a surveillance system and security shutters and doors. Even well-prepared criminal will feel a little hesitation at risking being caught on camera, and that’s what makes these types of products so effective at preventing crime. There aren’t any guidelines relating to the types of systems that can be installed, and many home owners choose a set that suits their budget. This makes it easy to opt for a single camera set-up or a multiple cam equivalent, to ensure that all angles are covered.

False surveillance systems

The sight of a camera can often be enough to turn away criminals, so it’s not always necessary to opt for a functional kit (which can often be more expensive than false alternatives). These dummy cameras certainly look the part, so much so that even the most experienced career criminal might struggle to tell the difference. Their affordable cost makes them a firm favorite for home owners on a budget, and as they are capable of deterring crime in much the same way as actual surveillance systems, the risk of burglaries and break-ins are drastically reduced.

Safety lights

If a potential criminal happens to target your home for their next crime, a couple of cameras might not be sufficient enough to turn them back – especially if they have masked their identity and intend to be in and out in no time at all. When these events arise, the best way to foil a criminal’s plans is to throw a spanner into the works. Safety lights can act as this spanner, and as they can be programmed to activate at even the slightest sign of intrusion (or installed to read vibrations when doorways are tampered with) they can give the impression that someone is home, with minimal fuss. What better way to cause a criminal to do a complete 180 and run for the hills?

These are just a few of the most effective crime deterrent products on the market, and there are many more available online. Protecting a property starts from the ground up, and if you are keen to enhance your level of security, then it’s well worth investing in the best locks and alarm systems on the market.